ePMP 2000 max TX power in UNII-1

What is the maximum allowed transmit power for the ePMP 2000 in the 5150-5250mhz band (in the US) in a point to multipoint setup?

I just noticed that the GUI allows me to set the transmit power as high as 29dBm (depending on the antenna size, obviously). The ePMP 1000s always limited me to 20dBm in the UNII-1 band, so I'm wondering if this is the correct behaviour. We use a lot of 13dbi omnis on small sites, which doesn't quite let you get to the maximum allowed power with only 20dBm, so it would definitely be nice if switching to ePMP 2000's will let us run the full 23dbm.

Hi Mathew,

Yes, you are right, for ePMP2000 it is allowed to set Tx Power up to 29 dBm.

And for ePMP1000 only 20 dBm is allowed.

ePMP 2000 has much better hardware architecture which provides more accurate filtering in 5.1 GHz band.

Thank you.