Epmp 2000 / Mikrotik CCR Swtich and RX Pause frames

Just swapped out a pair of ePMP 1000 APs (with sync) for two ePMP2000 APs and I'm seeing  1000+ RX Pause on the ports they are connected to (at 1000fd) on the Mikrotik CCR Switch they are connected to.  There are 9 other radios and a Raspberry Pi connected to this switch and no other devices are showing  RX Pause frames.  

Both show 100's to 1000's of pause frames per second even when they are passing less than 1Mbps.

The ePMP 2000 APs show 1000/FD and the switch shows 1000/FD link. I have 3 ePMP 1000 Sync AP's and AF3x also showing 1000/FD on both the device and the switch. I have 4 other devices that are 100/FD link (a Pi and old Ubiquiti M series radios that only have 100/FD ability).   No other devices show a single RX pause and the two ePMP 1000 APs we replaced were not showing RX pauses.   

When we changed over to the ePMP 2000's I we had really erratic latency, it's all over the place from 12ms  to 300ms constant. One of them are seeing a lot of sporadic packet loss.  That's why I went looking and when I discovered the RX pause.