ePMP 2000 on 3000 Sector Antenna?

Is it possible to connect an ePMP 2000 AP to an ePMP 3000 4-port sector antenna? I suspect one would simply bypass a chain on each polarity, but didn’t know if anybody had experience attempting this.

It’s certainly possible, but probably not the best idea.

You can use one V and one H port. The other two protect against water intrusion.

The antenna sector for the AP 3000 is in fact two double polarization antennas in the same housing.
Also for AP 3000, two sectors from AP 2000 can be used.


Other than understandable paranoia, why do you suspect it’s not a good idea?

Mostly paranoia. Unused antenna ports that aren’t well-sealed are an opportunity for water to cause issues. Also, if this is a new build, just install the 3000 AP in the first place. Backwards compatibility works well.

I’m actually planning some intermediate upgrades with hopes of establishing 802.11ax compatability in my antenna selection. KP Performance and Mimosa both offer 2 port and 4 port antennas which support mid-6GHz. ePMP 3000 doesn’t fit the budget for a bandaid upgrade like the 2000 at this time. I’m unsure of Mimosa, but hopefully antenna performance between Cambium and KPP are similar.

KPP’s KPPA-5GHZHV4P65-17 is a superior antenna to Cambium’s IMO, Its meant for a Mimosa AP but with the e3k remote mount it works great! Its a 65deg (measured on the 3db, 92deg on the 6db) antenna but we use them as 90deg antennas without too much trouble, it has a wide 4900 to 6400Mhz frequency range with gains from 16.2 to 17.5 depending on frequency used. They are also small! 17" tall and 11.25" wide. No mount for a smart antenna, but we dont use them so no loss, Im sure there is a way to mount one though.

We made a plate to mount the e3k to the integrated Mimosa mount points, havent lost a radio yet and we routinely get 80MPH winds here.

That’s super helpful info, thanks Douglas!

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