ePMP 2000 setting for connectivity over 5 km

Can anyone advise me on how to config setting for ePMP 2000 to received full internet speed require by customer at distance 5 Km. Currently, My client located at the distance of around 3 to 4 Km could not received full internet speed. I’m using Force 180 SM at client site and ePMP 2000 as AP. ePMP 2000 is receiving uplink from PTP 500.

What do you consider ‘full internet speeds’? How many mbps up and down are needed?

Customer purchased, say 10Mbps and when speed test at customer side, it does not received 10 Mbps.

Currently, I config setting with 75/25 ratio. with Frame rate 2.5 ms at ePMP 2000 with GPS syn.

ePMP 2000 + F180 are more then capable of 10mbps or more under normal circumstances and many different configurations. What speeds is the client getting now? What is the client’s RSSI/signal, SnR and modulation? Are you operating in a very noisy environment? Have you ran a spectrum analysis or ACS to see what the noise floor looks like?

This is info at Client side.

Field Value
Downlink RSSI -72 dBm
Downlink SNR 25 dB
Uplink MCS MCS 12 - 16-QAM 3/4
Downlink MCS MCS 12 - 16-QAM 3/4

And There is no significant noise according to last scan. It is rural area, so there is no interference so far.

And I’m operating with 20 MHz bandwidth.

With those details, there should be no problem with the client getting 10mbps.

Are there many clients on this AP? If this is the only client, then there should be no problem from an RF perspective, getting this person 10mbps or even more.

Have you made sure that there are no ethernet issues between the radio and the client’s computer or router?

There are only 37 customers at that AP and Eth is ok. There is another fact that my AP is received uplink from PTP 550 and that PTP 550 is also received uplink from another PTP 500. It is like PTP over PTP. Can it be the reason. and those ptp are operating with 80 MHz bandwidth. And link quality is also excellent.


If you do a link test between the AP and SM, are you getting 10mbps or more? If yes, then the problem is most likely up or downstream from the AP/SM. You should test each link in the chain using bandwidth test tools available on your network equipment, or on a laptop, like iPerf. Test each link in the chain until you find the link that is slowing traffic.


Link test between AP and SM is not constant. Sometime it show full 10 Mbps and sometime it not. It is tested with our client load. And I will also troubleshoot as you suggested.

Thank you for your time.

If you run AP-SM link tests, and it’s not consistent then that means either the AP is hitting max utilization during the tests and/or you’re experiencing some intermittent interference issue.

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Thanks, will troubleshoot that also.

Link tests should not be performed with client load. It will never be consistent. Have the client unplug their devices from the poe, then do several link tests, it will sho you what is happening.

We use f180’s out as far as 6km, but these are also on tall buildings, if you cant get the height back to the tower then use a f200

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Thank for your input.