ePMP 2000 suddenly only allowing 10 clients OR is this a ticking time bomb I need to replace ?

ePMP 2000 (not L) v4.4.1 on tower for a couple of years now suddenly drops all connections except 10. 

When I first looked at the AP it was claiming the GPS needed updating (it did not), the Max regs allowed was 10 and the license showed it was only allowed 10. It wouldn't even let me change the 10 in max regs (not trying to save it, just trying to change the 10 to a 30 or use the up arrows, would allow the number to be changed)

I remote rebooted it and when it came back up it again claimed GPS needed updating but the license now showed it was good for 120 clients. It allowed me to increase the number to 50 but the save button when I tried to save it not even light.  So I changed it to 50 and changed another setting, the save button lit up. I hit it, it worked on it for a few seconds, then red alert telling me the number can't be more than 10 and that I probably have a Light radio ( the license section said it was good for 120 and the numbers by the max reg setting show min 1 max 120).

So I soft rebooted again. Everything the same.  So try to upgrade the radio to 4.4.3. Goes through the motions then says there was a general failure upgrading. No other details. I tried to upgrade GPS (it's still claiming that needs upgraded) but it says GPS is up to date. 

So I drive to the site, I power cycle the radio. Still won't let me change the numbers (next to the max regs setting it still has 120 as the max and the license says 120 but but won't allow more than 10 when you try to save). It does allow me to upgrade it to 4.4.3 however but it still would not allow me change/save the 10 max reg number.

So I factory default the AP and load a backup config to it and everything comes up and appears to be working fine now.

Also, looking at the graphs for this AP the "Visible Satellites" wasn't really changing but "tracked" dropped to zero repeatedly for several minutes at time during this period.  It didn't matter since we use sync over power but it looks like this radio was having a complete mental breakdown for about 4 hours until I defaulted and reloaded its config.

So...   what are the odds this radio is about to die and I should probably do a planned replacement ASAP instead of waiting for it to cause a surprise extended outage at the worst possible time ?


I doubt it is caused by the faulty radio, but rather looks like a corner case with the unlocked ePMP2000 Lite after GPS chip is starting acting weird. To tell for sure we need remote access when the issue happen.