Epmp 2000 system

i have 3 epmp2000 system but they keep on hanging till i shut off and on the power socket,why is like that???

Just curious what version of software you are running on them.

What do you mean exactly when you say “hanging” ? Do they become unaccusable via http, ssh and SNMP but customers still connected and have Internet ? Or do the customers say connected but no Internet ? Customers all get booted and don’t come back until reboot ? Lots of things “Hanging” could mean.

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hullo brubble, its epmp v4.6.2

yes bruble its like that
connected but no Internet ?until i turn off and on the power outlet

it is quite tough to understand what are you asking. I suggest to describe more your issue here with configuration and performance screenshots or to raise a support ticket. Our engineer will help you to isolate the issue on a remote session or phone call.

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I found the e2k radios to be very sensitive to noise on the power. This would cause ethernet bridging lockups.
We also had issues with cheap network switches going into low power mode and the radio having issues with smart speed.

With bridging lockups we could still access the AP but not any SMs and no internet data flowed, with the network switch issues we couldnt access that AP at all. Smart speed seems to do a few things and by disabling it seems to stablize the radios performance and tendancy to lockup.

Try disabling smart speed and depending on your switch, disable all green modes.

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thanks Andrii,the issue is when the aps are working well for 6-8 hours and i fail to power off and on their ac adapters they freeze/hang no access to aps and sms and no internet but for sms remain conected to the ap but no internt