EPMP 2500 :)


dont roll eyes yet hear me out :) !

Maybe I am thinking stupid but how about possibility to use PTP 550 for ptmp deployment !?

Basically it uses same chipset as epmp 3000 correct me if I am wrong so it should be possible!?

Why if epmp 3000 is coming out soon?

I belive for micropop deployment it is not going to be always practical to use huge 4x4 sectors or multiple horn antenna to get mumimo!

My vision was connecting ptp550 to 30deg. horn antena and blasting 2x20 or 2x40Mhz channel !

So we get 256QaM, much more powerfull and robust AP for 40Mhz utilization and basically two access points on one antena and with horns minimum space requirements!

Your thoughts! :)