ePMP 3.5.1 and 3.2.1


Is it okay to upgarde my access points to 3.5.1 while my SMs are 3.2.1.


You can do this though it is not recommended. Obviously the firmwares differ for a reason.

We have some AP's running 3.5.1 with SM's still on 3.2.1 so I can say it works. We are about to upgrade these soon even though we have had no issues with the mix match.

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Hi Ashraf, 

Yes, you can upgrade your access points to 3.5.1 while the SMs are running 3.2.1. But as a rule of thumb we recommend that customers run the same version on both the AP and SM. Therefore upgrading the SMs also to 3.5.1 at your earliest convenience is recommended. 



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I've faced a problem that the SMs will lose connectivity to the AP when the AP firmware is 3.5.1 whlie the the SM are running on 3.2.1.

I even upgrade one SM  to 3.5.1 and still disconnect from the AP.