ePMP 3.5.1


In our network all the APs & SMs are upgraded to version 3.2.1, i was wondering if i upgraded all the APs to the latest version 3.5.1 will the SMs still can connect to the APs with no problem ? Because i can only upgrade the APs. We have more than 5000 customers and our CNS Server is not working properly. An access point version 3.5.1 will it be compatible with a subscriber module version 3.2.1 ?

Hi mkeng,

Usually we recommend to use the same firmware on both AP and SM, but we are working hard to have our software backwards compatible so it should work fine with AP running 3.5.1 and SM running 3.2.1.

I would highly recommend you to update your clients to 3.5.1. cnMaestro(https://www.cambiumnetworks.com/products/management/cnmaestro) can be a huge help to do this and it gives a lot useful features over CNS Server.