We have systems in 5Ghz and they work great now my idea is the following. If you have a pmp450 in 3.6ghz why not give us an option to have a EPMP 3.6Ghz what is the main reason not to have a price competitive prodruct in 3.6Ghz.

If you develop the pmp450 in 3.6Ghz then I think you should develop a EPMP in 3.6Ghz. The only reason why I think you may not do it is the revenue that you are expecting to generet with the pmp450 in the 3.6Ghz.

So please think about this EPMP 3.6 Ghz at a 90 USD CPE and 400 USD for the basestation I will buy hundreds of them.

Thank you

Unfortunately, this is not going to happen. There's already been some debate about this if your do some searching in the forum. The main problem is the cost of the RF design for a non-802.11 based radio. One of the reasons the ePMP series is so inexpensive is because it leverages a low cost 802.11 chipset. If you design a new radio for 3.65, the cost goes up significantly, and then you have a radio that costs what the current PMP450 3.65 radios cost. If you use an 802.11 chipset, let's say 5GHz, and then you put a frequency down converter on it, the cost goes up and the performance goes down. Ubiquiti tried to do this with their M365 line and it was a disaster.

Well there is some chips that are 3.6Ghz in 802.11. I think you are right the problem is the cost. how can you release a radio that will cost lest then 200 % of the pmp450 that will kill the pmp450 I can guaranty that. let me give you example. 11 GHZ for Point to Point mimosa and ubiquiti why is that cambium is doing a link to 10 mbps only at the high price? I think the problems is not the chipset is revenue.