Epmp 3000 4.6 stability

Hi all, just looking for feedback on how epmp 3000 and 4.6 has been doing for everyone? I seem to have some instability with uplink and downlink with my SMs. Have 19 SMs on a 3000, mostly force 25 and a few 19, but my 2 latest installs stats went to crap… after installed the rssi for one was -66 with SNR of 25 and the other was rssi of -65 and SNR of 27. Few days went by and all of a sudden they are both at -77 and then eventually -80 for RSSI, both force 25 radios and both from same freshly delivered batch so initial thought was bad radios but before roll out checked all the SMs on sector. Almost all of the other radios did have a decrease in rssi and snr as well… some maybe a 2-3db loss but others seeing almost 10db loss. I rolled back to 4.5.6 for sector and all SM and everything is back to normal.

I apologize I dont have screen shots, was scrambling to figure issus as this is in production.


Was the signal drop in both directions, or just on the uplink to the sector? Any chance that due to a DFS hit your sector changed frequencies and the new one has a lower allowed EIRP (long shot)?

Thank you for your reply! The drop is happening on the downlink mostly… but 2 of the 19 SM are drastically dropping in both directions, they sat at -65/-67 and then drop to -80/-76 then back to to -65/-67. The 17 other SM are not as drastic but do drop on the downlink more than the uplink.

The 2 sm that have drastic changes both have a good LOS and both are rural and nothing is coming in between the LOS at all, as in obstructions.

Also the AP that the 19 SM are attached to is using frequency resuse, not using dfs, and the opposite sector is doing great, albeit only has 5 SM

Update As I have been watching the epmp 3000 wireless tab, Im basically seeing 3-4 SM take turns in drastically dropping in rssi and snr and then recover after a 5-10 mins. The rest seem to be taking turns at dropping 3-4 db in rssi and snr.

We’ve been running for awhile and haven’t seen any stability issues to date, but the AP is lightly loaded. Do you have the antenna option set to auto or forced smart antenna? We don’t use that option as its a KP Omni, but seems there are some quirks if smart antenna is being used or enabled. Perhaps its switching back and forth between sector and smart causing the issue? We have ours set to forced Omni/Split as recommended for our configuration. You might try forced sector rather than auto selection.

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Thanks for the reply! I have had it set to forced sector antenna for over a year now. I deployed Cambium when the firmware was 4.4.3 and have tried every firmware moving forward… some stuff gets resolved but more surface but that is in all vendors.

What model of KP omni are you using? I have a micro pop that I want to use a 3000L with a Omni KP antenna. How has it been working? What kind of radius/distance are you getting from it?

It the KP performance 4 port OMNI that was designed for the ePMP 3000, SKU KP-5OMNI-EPMP3K-KIT, 13db gain. Quality is what you would expect from KP.

It supports mu-mimo but we don’t have enough subs or density at the moment (and probably never will). Only issue is like most Omni’s, its up close coverage is meh. Its been stable on Haven’t had any issues with it but none of the subs are over a mile and a half away with clear LOS. Mixture of F300-016’s and F300–25’s and one F300-13. SNR was somewhat less than we expected in comparison to the old ePMP 1000 but being told that is normal with the ePMP 3000. Modulation levels and throughput are good.

The AP is very rural so no interference issues. honestly not sure why we deployed it other than to try it out. We’ll probably end up moving it at some point in the future where it can be better utilized, but the configuration hasn’t given us any problems.

We have reverted everything to 4.5.6 since our EPMP3000 and 3000L on average and heavy load, just hangs randomly.
we reverted the 4.5.6 and they work flawlessy
chan 20mhz, bridge mode, just plain AP with WPA2 encryption.

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Been running fine for us never used the omnis but sounds like noise to me…

4.6 working great for us.

we abandoned 4.6 for
its not 100% perfect but I am only getting about 2% of the calls regarding issues that I was getting on 4.5.6 and 4.6 (which had a few issues that got missed) so grain of salt, but good