ePMP 3000 Airtime Fairness

Does ePMP 3000 have Airtime Fairness yet? We are seeing some customers with less than perfect signal driving up latency in Preseem when they max our their connection. We only have two 3000 AP's out there but their latency is all over the places compared to our 2000 AP's which are much more steady with latency.

One sector is very bad and has 30 SM's that are all Force 200 or Elevate units that we haven't had time to upgrade to Force 300 yet. But when I look back at the 2k AP that was there before, latency was much more stable and predictable. The 3k has wild swings like I've never seen.

If Airtime Fairness isn't a thing yet, when will it be implemented? Thank you


Airtime Fairness is in the 'Release feature funnel' but has not been commited to a specific release version or date yet.

I think they need to get this working ASAP. You can take a good 2k AP with stable latency and change it to a 3k AP and change nothing else, and the performance will be worse if you have customers modulating less than MCS12 in our case.

The 3k is supposed to be an upgrade but for us, without Air Fairness, it's a downgrade in experience for our customers.

Please please please consider moving this up in the firmware so a couple bad customers can't affect the experience for all the rest of our customers. Thank you


It really feels like with the AC stuff Cambium has forgotten what gave ePMP the edge over the other WiFi based brands...  or maybe it's me, maybe WISPs like me aren't their target market anymore.

Breaking a 2000 ePMP / Omni into sectors this weekend. Wanted to do 3000 and 3x 120 Sectors but there are no 120's that Cambium says will for sure work without either causing problems with AC (no MU no AC RSSI boost) or N ( Only one stream for some/many/all on the sector). And really, the two 3000's we have up (with 3000 sector at 75° Wut ?)  are kind of "meh".  That leaves the brain damaged, handicapped cousin of the 2000L the 3000L, we already have a couple of those in the air that I'm on the fence about taking them down and replacing with 2000's. 

 So I'm setting up 2000's for it right now and another tower with 120's we plan to break into 65's is probably going to be 2000's.

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ePMP3000 does have Air Fairness from the very beginning. The overall scheduler was implemented similiar to the bigger sister PMP450m Medusa. Saying that we are aware of certain defects that may look like lacking of fairness, but caused by other parts of the system but the scheduler. Those known defects were addressed in 4.5 release. 

We would be more than happy to debug it with the ones in need so dcshobby please open up a ticket with our support and mention this topic. WISPs like the ones on this community are the key to our business so we are taking it seriously. 



PS On the slide it should be "Air Fairness improvements" that is an umbrella term for improvements that should cover corner cases under extreme conditions like overload with a lot of SMs.

Thanks for the response Dmitry!

So we should expect some Air Fairness improvements in 4.5 release or is that further out? The first part of your reply says 4.5 but that slide doesn't show that's improvements are committed to any release quite yet.

If 4.5 should have improvements, I'll wait and upgrade to that to see if it helps. If the AP still struggles, I can open a ticket for further review.

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Some know defects that looks like lacking of Air Fairness are fixed in the scope of 4.5 so you should definitely give it a try. 

More improvements are down the road.


How close is 4.5 to being a stable release? I think they're on the third version of RC so I think stable must be close now.

You are right, we are very close to the release. Wrapping up the very last couple things.


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