Epmp 3000 and 300-25 and 300-19

Hi guys .Please may you kindly assist. I would want to know if its recommended to mix ePMP 300-25 and ePMP 300-19 as subscriber modules when using ePMP 3000 as Sector.

The last time i connected these two devices to our ePMP 3000 it cause d the link to disconnect at regular intervals.

Your assistance will be appreciated

It is recommend to use F300-25 & F300-19 together in 3000 sector.
Please make sure to use the latest & same software on both AP and SMs


Thank you Sreejith, Your input is well appreciated

I deployed the two subscriber modules, both are connected to the Sector ePMP 3000 and its working fine. Thanks for Sreejith for your advice

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