Epmp 3000 Distance


Im just looking for ideal range the epmp 3000 and epmp 4x4 MU-MIMO sector antenna can be used for with the force 300- 16 radio?

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It’s always recommended to check with LinkPlanner tool before deployment.
It depends on terrain, regulatory limitations applied for country code you are operating under, etc.

Thank you.

We have a couple 12 mi shots with f300-25 on 3000, one customer as an example has a 67pl on 20mhz DS of 6/6 usually, links do vary but currently has 71/6, but customer has seen over 100 down. Also, unlike 1000, he is able to pull what link test shows

That may be worse for a 16


Thank you! I appreciate the response. i just got my first order of cambium equipment in and look forward to trying it out