ePMP 3000 drop session and self reboot


We have installed ePMP 3000 APs in our network, and we have faced a problem of session drop in the APs, that happens several times. 

Both AP and SMs are running on the same version, The APs are ePMP 3000, and the SMs are ePMP 1000 and Force 180.


Hi, I have something similar. We have about 16 AP's installed and on average 5 CPE's per AP. All the AP's have at least 2 CPE's or more who have frequent Session drops. (Varying times) The CPE's in our case are all Force 300-16/25. The log files have nothing of any use. This is my first time using cambium gear but I find it very dissapointing at the system log and its lack of information on the CPE and the AP. Any suggestions. This network in a rural location and runs in parallel with my Ubiquiti Network.

Hi all,

We are looking into the issue where ePMP3000 and ePMP 802.11n based SMs are experinecing disconnects.

We hope to provide the fix in the 4.4 Beta FW soon.


Could you please send Tech Support Files from AP and few SMs to me at fedor.trutsko(at)cambiumnetworks(dot)com?
A disconnect reason you can find on Monitor -> Syslog page. It is recommneded to select full mask on Configuration -> System page for logging.

Thank you.


Thank you for the reply.

So what could we do stop the session drops instead of waiting for the 4.4 Beta FW.

Was this ever fixed?? If so was it firmware related?


I guess these were fixed in scope of 4.4.3.

Thank you.

We had this problem running 4.4.3 but in both cases reverting the AP to 4.4.1 resolved the issue. In one case the AP is 4.4.1 while all the CPE's are 4.4.3 in the other both the AP's and all the CPE's are 4.4.1