EPMP 3000 - Force 300-25 Re-transmissions up link


I am running 20 Mhz channel and seeing very high uplink retransmissions (50+ percent) down link is fine. Thoughts?


That’s not fine. You’re probably experiencing some interference. You should use the spectrum analyzer to find a clean channel.

Is this a TDD link - or in ePTP mode?

I am not seeing any interference greater than -72 on AP channel and SM’s are clean. Have you seen any issues with using Frequency reuse on the AP with EPMP 3000

This is a TDD Link I am not sure what i would use ePTP for

ePTP is a ‘Point to Point’ mode - so I was wondering if you were referring to a normal AP (Multiple clients) or a PTP link (one Master, one Slave unit). Anyway, you’re answered - this is a regular AP with multiple SM’s.

-72 is lots of interference. You need at least 20, but preferably 30 dBm of signal > interference. So, to be “clean” with a -72 interference, you’d ideally need to have all signals between -52 to -42 or better. :slight_smile: