ePMP 3000 GPS or Packutflux

Hi all, just curious if I should abandon the Cambium GPS for the Packetflux setup? Thank you!

I have not had a GPS failure since swapping out pucks for the “new” round ones and running the latest 4.6-RC firmware versions.

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Is that for ePMP 3000? I am also running the latest RC. Thank you for your reply!

For sites that need GPS sync, I always go with an external sync source like PacketFlux or cnMatrix switch. If it’s a small pop out in middle of nowhere with just 1 or 2 AP’s… then there’s typically no need for reliable sync.

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One of the things that may cause cambium’s onboard sync to have problems is that your GPS antenna is on top of the tower with the radio and thus LOS to all the possible interferers for miles and miles and miles. With sync over power you can install the GPS antenna on the ground where it can see the sky but not interferers (they are blocked by many buildings, trees etc…)

You might consider at least keeping a sync over power solution on hand and then if internal sync does fail, for any reason, it will allow you to get sync back up very quickly and in most cases without a tower climb.

Unless you are using 3000L, then you and your customers just have to be really sad if sync fails :frowning:

Sync over power is not compatible with 3000L?

It is not, unfortunately.

No sync over power, no edge filters and unlike every other ePMP AP is 30v.

Edit: 30v not 36v not sure where I get 36v from.

For what it’s worth, we haven’t had a GPS failure since:

  1. Upgrading to 4.6.1 and
  2. making sure we have GPS signals in the green

The other thing to keep in mind is external sync sources (such as Packetflux) works with the 1000 & 1000L, the 2000 & 2000L, BUT only works with the 3000 - and not the 3000L. The 3000 L doesn’t accept external sync sources, doesn’t work with 48v/56v, and doesn’t have the dynamic filtering.


Thank you ninedd, I have some epmp 3000 with puck, placed in the cambium sector, that have no green and they are unobstructed in view to the sky. Im guessing in the yellow it is passable?

Yes, yellow is passible, the main thing is to make sure you’re not losing GPS sync lock.

GPS sync lock is more or less a binary thing… either you’re seeing enough satellites with a minimum signal or not.


What Eric said is correct (and always is). But that depends on what ‘yellow is passable’ means exactly. In another thread, this was posted:

and no, that’s not passable really in my opinion. That’s something wrong. That’s either a broken puck, or broken cable, or loose connector, or water in somewhere, or GPS puck blocked by some other antenna (or by tower leg) or something. I don’t know what’s broken there – but that’s not ‘enough yellow’ in my opinion. I mean… it’s working at the moment, but that seems like asking for trouble, when it’s that close to the edge. :slight_smile:

BUT - what Eric says is correct, and the point is that higher or lower GPS signal isn’t really an issue… as long as there is enough to maintain lock, then it’ll work. If the AP’s GPS is remaining lock in sync all the time, then that’s 100% enough. As he said - it either works or it doesn’t. If signals are so low that the AP can’t maintain a lock, and your GPS sync looses link, then that’s bad.

In my opinion, 4 GPS with just a sniff of yellow… that’s something I’d want to figure out what’s broken. Especially since that is on a tower with 3 others with a ton of green. BUT, Eric is right… if this AP always has 4 that are always linked… and if the GPS remains always in sync, and if it never loses GPS sync, then technically that’s enough. And yes it’s binary - it’s either synced, or it isn’t. :slight_smile:


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I appreciate all of your comments and advice/insight


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