ePMP 3000 info ping

Hello, im new in cambium (i coming from ubnt) i have 3 BTS ubnt full and i wanna new BTS with this ePMP but i need a good system for low latency (for gamers) each customers have 30 to 50mbps plan

Thanks if someone help me to know if is a good choose or i need to go in other product

Look at the Medusa or pmp450 systems, these are the lowest latency systems.
Epmp if you can get your gamers to understand anything under 150ms is fine (ie they cant think and react within that time window) will bill you about 15ms per hop. So house to tower to noc would be about 30ms which climbs from there with additional loading.

Not trying to scare you off but you may as well be informed of the draw backs.

The benefit of epmp is that its cheaper than Medusa or pmp450 and can handle the bandwidth (signal strength and quality requirements need to be met) but at the cost of either 1) reduced subscriber count on a single AP or 2) less anal subscribers whom arent going to complain over a few ms latency. Write this into your contracts, in network latency less than 200ms(arbitrary number) is not a cause for trouble. Then if the client wishes to pay for a SLA with tighter latency constraints then you can charge a fat premium and either make the SM have priority or give a dedicated AP to him/her.

Depending on the calculated bandwidth of all subs on a tower you may want to look at the pmp550 or 8xx serries of backhauls unless you have fiber to the tower.

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