ePMP 3000 install

I just ordered ePMP 3000 AP  as well as the ePMP 4x4 MU-MIMO Sector Antenna (for ePMP 3000 AP).  It is the first time that I am ordering the equipment.  However, the vendor is insisting that I order the ePMP Sector Antenna, 5 GHz, 90/120 with\nMounting Kit\n as well.  I am not sure what is the purpose.  Can someone please clarify is it is necessary.  

Thanks for your interest in the ePMP 3000.

No, you don't need the 90/120 sector with the ePMP 3000.

You just need the MU-MIMO sector.

You may want to consider the optional beam-steering antenna.  This is the same beam-steering smart antenna used with ePMP 2000.  Keep in mind though that we do not yet support the beam-steering smart antenna with the ePMP 3000 though that support is expected later this year.

- Bruce