ePMP 3000 intermittently losing communication with SMs


Kindly look into this issue for me.

I noticed one of my APs loses communication with the SMs frequently. When this happens, the throughput drops to zero.

Please note that when this happens, on wireless, the SMs are seen connected, with their IP addresses visible, but there are no communications. 

This happens 2/3 times every 7 hours.

I have changed the antenna, Pig tale, and even the radio. The most worrying thing is, it only happens to one AP out of three on the tower. The port on the router has also been changed.

Also, note that the AP is in the same Vlan as the other APs.

Please find attached a picture of the throughput.

What could be the cause?

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What version of firmware ? 

Are ALL clients running the same version of firmware? (some versions of the 4.x firmware seems to have problems when all the clients are not the same as each other)

We solved a similar problem by downgrading the AP from 4.4.3 to 4.4.1 while all the clients remained at 4.4.3

Is the Spectrum Analyzer running ? Turn it of if it is as running it can cause this and a many other problems.

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Hi Brubble1,

Thank you so much for the response.

All clients are running the same firmware as the AP, but the spectrum analyzer was running. It has however been disabled. 

I will monitor it for some time and revert.

Thank you once again


Hi Brubble1,

I noticed the issue continues even after disabling the spectrum analyzer.