ePMP 3000 into a CMM4

We are looking into replace a current epmp 1k to a 3k.

Right now we having the 1k plugged to a CMM4.

We also have a 450i in 56v but we needed to do a power cross over.. so you need to do that same with the 3K or just a standard B connection.


ePMP3000 doesn't support sync from CMM4. It supports only CMM5/cnPulse with the protocol also known as Cambium Sync. Also as far as I remember it supports 100Mbps only.

I will let my collegues to answer the power option.



Thanks i was mainly look into power options.

It will have its own GPS

Note sure if it will be doing over 100M

The ePMP3000 has an input voltage of 44-59V and a standards based pinout so you'll need the same crossover dongle for the 450i AP's as you will for ePMP3k AP's. Since you're using the GPS antennas with e3k and the CMM4 only has 10/100 Mbps ports it may be best to connect the e3k directly to your switch/router and bypass the CMM4 since it won't provide sync and could throttle your throughput. If you have PoE ports on your switch/router the e3k will be powered direclty from such ports. 

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