ePMP 3000 NAT mode

Is that NAT feature fully integrated into the 3000 series yet? Does anyone else use it currently? When switching the CPE into NAT mode I'm unable to log into it from the management IP from the wireless side and they have no connectivity from the CPE side. I can ping it just fine, just will not login and behind CPE there is no service.


We will try to reproduce the issue in the lab and revert to you shortly.
Are you running 4.3.2 FW both on AP and SMs?
Could you please let us know what radio is used in SM role?

Thank you.

4.3.2 on both sides. I’ve had the same results with 300-16 and 300-25.


we did several tests and NAT is working as expected. Do you still experience this problem? Have you tried firmware? If the problem persists, please send me a tech support files from AP and SM so we could try with your configuration. Andrii.Khyzhnyi (at) cambiumnetworks.com