ePMP 3000 OID for dl Mu-mimo Frame Percent

Does anyone know the ePMP 3000 OID for downlink Mu-mimo Frame Percent
OR just the throughput oid for the Mu-mimo downlink.

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OID for MU-MIMO Downlink is not present in official MIB file

I’ve wanted this for a long time. I really have no idea why there isn’t one available.

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I was instructed to try with this one below, but not really sure if it works. I will see over the weekend after SNMP collects some stats.

cambiumMUMIMOGainAggregated OBJECT-TYPE
SYNTAX Integer32 (0…100)
MAX-ACCESS read-only
STATUS current
“MU gain aggregated from all associated SMs
Device Allocation: AP”
::= { cambiumRFStatus 65 }