Epmp 3000 or 4600 can support PTP450i as subscriber?

Hello everyone!

I’m working on a project that requires multiple site locations and conditions, I have some PTP and PTMP, and some site most have PTMP with sector antenna.

In the remote site, I have two flavors with 10 and 20km long ranges:

  1. With 2 Lan interface (one with poe output)
  2. With one LAN interface

So for that reason, I was thinking to use PTP450i as subscriber for the remote sites because it was the only model I found with two Lan Interface with one PoE Out.

And for the PTMP With/out Sector antenna Epmp 3000/4600 was the option to reduce some cost. If I use this model as Master PTP or PTMP, the PTP450i will register as Subscriber?

Honestly, I don’t know too much about these models, I usually work with Epmp1000 and force180.



these are two totally different products with very different protocols in use.
you may want to get some epmp1000 Integrated SMs as they have two ethernet ports and the ability to provide 24v cambium (RP-POE) POE to devices. Some of the cnVision radios have two ports as well.


Hello Douglas,

I had thought, but I wanted to get out of the doubt. The problem is that the epmp1000 has reached to eol support and not have two ethernet port (one capable of PoE Out).
All equipment I have to use, needs to be IP66/67 rated and have giga ethernet port. :slightly_frowning_face:

Thanks for your answer!

You state poe out but not which poe you need.

You could just use a small 802.3af/at tycon injector if you really need or a packetflux injector for passive.
If you need a second port, netgear makes a nice 5 port switch that runs on 12vdc (cut the cord and use a regulator as they dont like 13v).
All of this can be in a small 12x12x4 kraloy box near the radio.

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