Epmp 3000 Performance Decline

Hi all, I have been experiencing an issue with an epmp 3000 radio the last couple days. My modulation on both uplink and downlink are quite spread out and I am not sure why. I had updated to 4.6 recently but did not notice any issues after updating but at the time was preoccupied by ptp 550 random reboots due to 4.6.

I tried rolling back to 4.5.6 and a different frequency but the problem remains, could it be a defective antenna? Currently using the cambium 90 degree sector antenna.

Have you tried running an SA to see if there’s noise? Have you tried changing the channel to see if you get similar conditions with your SM’s?

It’s very rare that an antenna would just go bad. I’ve had more issues with RF cables and radios going bad then antennas.

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Thanks Eric… I scanned at the tower and changed to a frequency that was 95% clean and still same issue.

So are you seeing a drop across the board in your RSSI… or your SnR? If you’re seeing a drop across the board in your RSSI, that would imply that something is causing attenuation… this can be because of something obstructing the AP, a bad AP, bad RF jumpers, and lastly, a bad antenna. If you’re seeing good RSSI numbers, but a drop across the board in SnR, this is typically because of noise.

Assuming RSSI, I’d check the RF jumpers first to make sure there’s no water in them and that they’re secure. I’d also bring a spare RF jumpers and an AP radio to try as well.

When I initially looked at the wireless tap on the AP all the SM signal were fine, it was the SNR… but just confused because the channel is clean. Here is a screen shot of performance tap

The monitor → Wireless tab would provide better information on your RSSI and SnR values for all your SM’s.

Hi Eric, sorry for late reply and I appreciate your help! My signals on the SM are good and the SNR did take a bit of a hit… so if its interference than why is it having issues on a clean channel?

Would anyone be willing to post their epmp 3000 performance page displaying modulation? Just want to compare notes, maybe someone using frequency reuse on the sectors?

This is a Sector with 6 clients modulation is great for downlink but not so much for uplink… this had not performed this poorly before. The tower is very remote, rural setting… not sure this is interference.

This is the Downlink Quality/Capacity for the SM being reported on the AP


But on some of the SM’s the uplink capacity percentage is struggling anywhere from 45-65%… Should I assume this is interference at the AP?

Here is an example of one… seems strange based on the SNR and RSSI values…

From UL MCS % distribution, it seems channel is not clean at AP side. Good idea to run Spectrum Analyzer and choose better channel

Thank you, I will try that again… I did find a channel that was 95% clean and it still has issues.