EPMP 3000 performance

I asked the same question soon after EPMP 3000 came out, but no one seamed to have any real data. Im wondering how accurate the 1200mbps was. My plan is to use the 3000 as a flexible backhual system. I would only have a few clients, but the would need very high throughput.

That number is a theoretical aggregate maximum.  If you model your deployment in linkplanner you might get some fairly accurate predictions.

On a heavily-loaded sector where the MU-MIMO groupings are good, I've seen close to 200Mbps on a 20Mhz channel.

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Like Jacob said that is a theoretical maximum based on an 80MHz channel, clients operating at 256QAM, and 4x4 MU-MIMO doubling the performance at the AP. If you're looking for a platform for dedicated backhaul I would look to the PTP550, which operates on the same firmware as e3k and also uses a WiFi 802.11ac chipset. The PTP550 has three radios - two RF cores and a dedicated spectrum analyzer and is capable of asymmetric non-contiguous channel bonding. You can find more information on the PTP550 here  and posts on the PTP550 here 

Alternatively there are other options in sub-6GHz including PTP450i, ePMP SM's operating in PTP mode, PTP670, etc. Each platform offers different features and is optimal for different applications. We also have a licensed microwave platform with PTP820.  

What is your applicaiont and are you trying to achieve? 

I am using a 1000LITE to a f200 now and have it in the works to swap to an 3000L and an f300-25. Distance is only 0.8 mile, but skimming tree tops :)

We are installing a new ptp using a 3000L and a f300-25 to support a construction site, that goes up later this week with predicted speeds of 200Mbps each way on a 40Mhz channel (dont have 80Mhz usable for this link)

I'll post pictures if the client allows it.