ePMP 3000 SFP Port Question

Will there be support for SFP port to be used for main connection where the ethernet port is just for power, woulde be great because we are on a FM radio tower ad getting interference with ethernet, thanks

PS: Mimosa has that feature and we are using it already, where the ethernet port is just for power and SFP is for DATA

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You currently can use ePMP3000 SFP port for data and the Ethernet port just for power. They are bridged together, but can be used in a way you describing without issues.

One of the main reasons there is SFP port on ePMP3000 is actually FM towers.



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what is the setup to have the SFP as the main data?

What is meant is that the two ports are one in the same as far as the radio is concerned. The following will get you running:

Plug in the sfp, add fiber. At bottom of tower remove ethernet connection from poe injector. Plug fiber into switch with fiber port/sfp port setup as trunk. Wait 30 seconds for spanning tree to rebuild and data will flow via the fiber.

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What SFP modules are supported on 3000 AP?

Practically any ethernet supporting spf from 1Gbps to 10Gbps and it doesnt matter multimode or singlemode as long as the fiber type and the other end match.
I do suggest you measure the rx power manually as the e3k will not tell you the rx power of the spf.