ePMP 3000 SMA Connector

I had to replace a 3000 AP recently due to bad client signal levels. When I got it back on the bench, I found one of the 4 RP SMA connectors was broken. There is 3 leads that are through hole soldered onto the PCB, they are still in the PCB, and the connector is missing its 3 leads…
I would hate to throw out an AP that has only been used for a few months over a $15 part I can re-solder, but I cant seem to find a source for this connector. Has anyone else had to search this out before?


Here is a quick filtered list of possible parts. You need to measure the various features to find a similar part. Sorry cant narrow it down much beyond this but if you have a e1k-lite, e1k-hotspot or a e3kL thats bad then its similar parts.

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