ePMP 3000 - Spectrum analyzer is great!

Just a note on the ePMP 3000 spectrum analyzer.  It's great!  Kudos to Cambium on this one. I love being able to see not only the graph, but the detail of the 802.11 based interferers below.  This is such a huge step above what earlier ePMP equipment was capable.

Now I just need the DFS certifications to come through so that I can use this stuff in my environment.  The upper and lower bands are trashed!


I do see a few oddities though now that I'm digging into it.  Consider the image below:

The interferer in orange at a -48 is one of my APs a few feet from this one.  It is in fact transmitting at 5485 mhz and some of the subscribers show up at the correct frequency in the graph.  -48 is about right, but the frequency is mis-reported by 320 mhz.  Perhaps some odd harmonic or something being picked up?

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It would also be excellent if we could export a list of interferers and details from the spectrum analyzer page for later analysis. 


Yes, it’s really a great improvement. And best of all, the Force300 has the same type of Spectrum Analyzer which can be run remotely, and can see what noise and interference there is at the client site. Game changer for diagnosing client problems. :slight_smile:

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More features related to Spectrum Analyzer are coming soon.


anyone seeing issues with spectrum analyzer on epmp3000 AP running 4.3.2?  I have tried multiple AP's and have to turn the analyzer on/off a few times to get it to work, but then it just freezes and doesn't populate much of the full band.  sometimes it will start if I hit pause and then resume, sometimes not.  It ran really well in previous releases that I tried.  I have tried in multiple browsers also.