Epmp 3000 to force 300 25db 1.5 km away high ping

Hi, just what the topic says… what gives? Here is the ping test…


You dont specify where you are pinging to or how busy the AP is.

Icmp is just a reachability test, ping times are somewhat useless as icmp can be dropped by any busy device along the way.

Setup an Iperf server ( one per tower if you have enough raspberry pies and some time to build an image) and use jperf on your tech laptop with no firewall enabled (i know but it has to be done, just remember to turn it back on). This is a bandwidth load test and gives very accurate latency and jitter as well as proof of bandwidth availability.

By the way, cambium ping config should be
IP local to your network - tower device but not the AP!
Number of ping attempts - 4 is good but anything you want is ok
Payload size - think in 8bit chunks 32 is a basic test and 1500 is a full load test
Time to live - this is how many hops the packet is good for. 30 is standard but you can set to 6 to limit scope of test. It wont hurt to have 30 even if its just one hop (ethernet cord, wireless link) away.

We also need to know which AP model and the firmware versions to help you.