ePMP 3000 unstable link

Hi, Recently we installed ePMP 3000 sector and connected Force 300-25 SM to it with RSSI of -66 to -67. But we noticed that the link is flapping (SM de-registers and re-registers). I downloaded the Tech Support Files as well. Can anyone help me solve this as the link is unstable.

Find Tech Support files in below link. Thanks

What firmware are you using on the radios? as recommended

INAC MISS TIMEOUT. latest event message

Hi. The word ‘recommended’ is sometimes odd. For me, 4.7.1-RC18 has far fewer known problem than has.

We’ve upgraded about 400 radios to 4.7.1-RC18 and virtually zero customer issues from those clients.

From 4.6.2 versions, all links are quite stable. Your issue must be something else not related to radios software. in order for us to be able to help, you need to post: Performance, SA results, radio configuration etc. -67 using a f300-25 is somewhat high, it means either the client is far away, no line of sight or bad alignement.