Epmp 3000 WAN into SM


I have a epmp3000 with 4 SMs. I have the WAN plugged into one of the SMs. I can access the SMs and AP but not the internet.

If i plug the AP into the WAN i can access across the site. The site demands it configured with the WAN into a SM. Is there any feedback on what I am doing wrong?

Hope you are using Enterprise Wi-Fi devices.

Please check default gw learnt by device.
“service show route”

Hi @GippsSteve,
please show us the screenshots of Configuration >> Network pages of AP and SM.
Sounds like some uncommon configuration. Do you mean you can not reach the Internet from AP or SM. Or from some host connected to on of SMs?

your SM needs to be in bridge mode and you must not have any firewalls enabled on it. If you get dhcp from the wan side device then you also need to enable dhcp below sm.

hello mate the caps as asked, I hope?.

i cant reach the internet from one of the SMs

thanks for the reply mate, yes I have them in bridge mode no firewall and have enabled DHCP below SM. is there something else I am missing?

The config looks fine. Also a small green globe states the radio has internet connection. Can you ping the gateway from AP and SM?

Mate good news I found the issues. I didn’t have one SM configured with DHCP below and somehow this must have been causing a conflict as i would get a connection and then it would fail 30 seconds after.

It’s up and going strong atm. For some reason it’s not connecting to maestro but the network IS working.

Thank you so much for your help though. Seems you were all on the ball with this one.

Do you use cloud Maestro or on premises? Can you ping its url?

I’m using the cloud and can ping the url from the network so no DNS issues or the like. I am heading back there in a couple of days ans plan to edit some things so ill play with it then

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