ePMP 3000 with RF Elements Horn

Epmp 3000 with 2 horns KP PERFORMANCE

Hello @pollo8

We are looking to run a similar setup with RF element horns asymmetrical horns @ 30 degrees. Do you have a picture of your setup? Also keen to see how you are performing with this setup. May I ask what beam width you are using for the horns?

I would also like to know what is the beamwidth on those horns and are they aimed so that there is no overlap in their coverage or are they both covering the same area ?

Would like to know how that is performing and if MU is working.


Yes Mu-Mimo works perfect on test performed with 300-25 Cpe. We are using 30 degree.

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What about look angles? Are both horns covering the same area, have overlap? Or are they adjacent sectors?

Can you show your hardware that you built your own to install your horns? :slight_smile:

Could you tell me if the beamforming antenna gave you positive results?