epmp 3000 with smart antenna not connect with v4.5

Hi i have upgrade at v4.5.0 my epmp3000 with smart antenna after reading release note but it result disconnected. 

it's a firmware problem? 

4.5 not support smart antenna?

it's a cambium joke?


Hi.  Do you have the antenna conneced H-to-H and V-to-V as per the markings on the AP & antenna?  On the assembled 3000/BSA, that will result in the BSA leads physically crossing - - BUT the point is, they NEED to be connected H-to-H and V-to-V as they are physically marked on the equipment.


Ours showed disconnected until we upgraded the AP to 4.5 twice so both banks had 4.5. However, some people on these forums have had reboot issues with the BSA enabled. We turned BSA off until they figure it out. It didn't seem to be helping when it was running on the 1 AP we were testing.

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