ePMP 3000

There is news on epmp 3000? What does Gen 3 technology mean?

The ePMP 3000 has been in the hands of beta testers for a few weeks now. Progress on squashing bugs and adding needed features in firmware is coming along nicely. I can't say much, but let's call it a diamond in the rough ATM.

I'm not sure what you mean by 'Gen 3' technology... where did you read or hear about this? I guess one could consider the advancement from 1000, to 2000 and now 3000 the 3rd generation. One might also consider the advancement from 802.11n (ePMP 1000/2000), to 802.11ac wave 1, and now 802.11ac wave 2 (ePMP 3000, F300, and PTP550) to be 'gen 3'. Does this answer your question?

Thank you. Any other technical and commercial information that you can divulge is appreciated.

I saw something from Cambium that mentioned "Gen 3 technology" (I don't remember what it was at the moment though...). I'm assuming it's referring to it being the 3rd generation of ePMP - with ePMP 1000 being Gen 1, and ePMP 2000 being Gen 2, but that's just a guess.


You can get product spec sheets from the front page of Cambiums website now