ePMP 3000L blocks

Can you please let me know what was the end result of this issue? I am suffering exactly same issue, I have installed 8 epmp 3000L but only one is having this issue. Thank you

Hi Jorge,

The FW fix has been incorporated into 4.6.1 firmware.
4.6.1 will be released officially very soon.
If the issue still persists with 4.6.1 firmware, please open a ticket with the Cambium Support Team for the further investigation.

Thank you.

Tks Fedor, I would think is more a hardware issue as I only see this problem in 1 radio out of 8 similar radios, same firmware in all of them. Also I replaced this radio with a new 3000L using same cable, same switch port and this one works without issue so that makes me think I have a defective unit.

Please check if 4.6.1 firmware fixes the issue for the ePMP3000L you have replaced.
We know the issue is reproducible not on every device, but the firmware fix is supposed to fix it.

Thank you.

We are still waiting for 4.6.1 stable release with working BSA …

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