Epmp 3000l bran new - keeps crashing

I installed a new 3kl with a 90deg sector - having issues with the darn thing staying running - seems it crashes a lot - have to have the system reboot it - have latest firmware. 4.5.6

Device Name South-East-Cambium-3k-R00
SSID SouthEast-Cambium
Operating Frequency 5 190 MHz
Operating Channel Bandwidth 40 MHz
Transmitter Output Power 27 dBm
Antenna Gain 0 dBi
Country United States
Access Point Mode TDD
Downlink/Uplink Frame Ratio 75/25
Wireless Security WPA2
cnMaestro Remote Management Enabled
cnMaestro Connection Status Connected to cloud.cambiumnetworks.com
cnMaestro Account ID FASTLANE

Please grab the tech support files and submit a customer support ticket. The tech support file will tell a lot.

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ePMP-Tech-Support-FastLane-R00-Cambium-SW-00_04_56_24_A8_8A.zip (776.6 KB)

I am still having the issue - but know its another radio on the same tower - please see attached

There is no crash log in the attached file.
Is the radio powered on through the default PoE injector?

Thank you.