ePMP 3000L MU Downlink not being used

I have a ePMP 3000L and it never uses any Mu Downlink throughput. I am on V4.6.0.1

I currently only have 5 of 36 SMs that are force 300. Those seems to be in other groups. none 300 SMs are in 0 and the other are in 3 or 2.

Uplink antenna saying Sector and Smart antenna is power off even those it has one. Antenna options have sector for downlink and uplink antenna is on auto.

Does anyone know the oids for the download for su and mu throughput?

Most likely you have ePMP3000, but not 3000L.
Are you getting MU-MIMO gain with Wireless Link Test executed in Dual SM mode to 2 grouped SMs?

Thank you.

The ‘groupable’ doesn’t really tell you what ‘group #’ they are in, just ‘how many’ other SM’s it’s able to group with. About 1/2 the SMs is a good average from what we’ve seen. So, it make sense that of the 5 Force300’s, that each of them are ‘groupable’ with 2 or 3 other SMs.

The good news is also that the more and more Force300’s you add to the system, the more and more ‘group partners’ each one can find, and the more and more efficient it’ll get.

Now - the other thing about MU-MIMO is that the AP will only use it if it’s needed, That is the nature of MU-MIMO, and it only kicks in if it’s required, and and if it’s more efficient than using SU mode. In other words, if the AP is lightly loaded, and if it can handily deliver all the data in SU mode, then that’s what it’ll do. MU mode will kick in only when it’s needed.

So - if you want to see the MU-MIMO in action, you’ll need to load the groupable connections as much as possible. If you want to test it out, you’ll probably need to set their QOS at Maximum, and push as much simultaneous data over the groupable SMs as you can. There is a DUAL SM test in the Link Test - but with that as well, you’re unlikely to see much if the SM’s are QOS’d at a lower bandwidth package.