ePMP 3000L problems with Elevate SXT/LHG

We've been doing a fair amount of elevation on our predominantly Mikrotik network, clients are SXT Lite5 and LHG5 models. We've basically had no performance or stability issues with these clients that were connected to ePMP 2000 and ePMP 3000 access points, however we're having serious issues when we're using the new ePMP 3000L access points.

Throughput is generally fine when it is working, but there tends to be a lot of packet loss and disconnects from the AP. Based on our SNMP data the RX signal on the Elevate clients are also heavily fluctuating occasionally (see screenshot, we've had no such issues while the same SM-s were connected to the old Mikrotik AP at the same site). I've also noticed that sometimes these clients can't pick up the AP at all if it's set to certain frequencies (seems to be anything over 5.32Ghz) despite the frequency being selected in the SM scan list and otherwise superb signals.

Are there any others having similar issues? Are there any known issues with incompatiblity between some Elevated hardware and the ePMP 3000L radios?


Regarding disconnects issue, could you please check if Spectrum Analyzer is enabled on ePMP3000L?
If the answer is yes, please try to disable it.
Regarding the issue when Elevated radios are not able to see AP on some certain frequencies, we have seen it on very limited number of SXT radios and are working on fix for it.
Could you please reach me at fedor.trutsko(at)cambiumnetworks(dot)com?

Thank you.

Most (but not all) of the ePMP3000L radios have the spectrum analyser turned on so I'll turn those off and report back after a day or two.

Hi Detoxica,

As Fedor mentioned we've encounted RX packet loss or even no signal at all on certain SXT5 Lite units. Usually they work in the lower 5GHz range but have issuen on the upper 5GHz range. We are working on the fix, but we need your help on this front so please contact Fedor.