ePMP 3000L sets itself to TDD PTP mode 4.4.1

I've noticed a bug in the 3000L APs where if you set the AP to Station, then back to Access Point, the TDD PTP setting is enabled. We've been able to fix this by either downgrading to last one with the option for PTP), shutting off TDD PTP, then upgrading back to 4.4.1. Also, by the command-line interface, the TDD PTP options are still accessible and can be turned back there.

Has anyone else had this issue?

Thank you for your feedback.
We will check and fix the issue asap.

Thank you.

Although rare, I have seen one customer that has experienced this issue.  The resolution was to upgrade both firmare partitions to v4.4.1 (upgrade the firmware twice), and then factory default the unit (via the GUI).

The issue has been confirmed.
Reset to default will definitely help.
We will fix the issue in the next FW version.

Thank you.

Still ongoing in 4.4.3 by the way.


It was resolved in 4.5-RC beta available on our support site.