ePmP 3k force 200 compatibility

Hey everyone, just curious to the compatibility between force 200 25 antennas and the epmp 3000?  If so, Pros? Cons?  Thanks

Make sure every SM is on at least 4.4.1 and the AP is as well.  All will connect just fine.  We found signals to be slightly if not dramatically better from the old ePMP 1000 sector when using the ePMP 3000 4x4 MIMO antenna.  On other towers we have upgraded simply by removing ePMP 1000 APs and replacing them with the 3000L's.  All clients connect and work well.  The 3000 APs will put out more power than the 1000 APs, from 23 dbm to 30 dbm.  We are upgrading about 30 towers with 3000L's.  We also only purchase new AC SM's and use them on all our AP's, 1000's and 3000's.


Thank you very much!!