ePMP 4.5.5 release is out

anybody try this new firmware yet?

Yep, we’re using it on 500+ e1k/e2k/e3k radios. No issues.

We put it on our 3000L, 3000MU-MIMO, and Force300’s with no issues noticed so far.

I also put it on ONE of the F300 PTP links I have, and that locked up twice in the next few hours, so I rolled back to 4.5.4.-RC16 on that PTP link. Of course, a sample-set of ONE, isn’t a big enough sample set to say anything.

However, what I can say is that for the hundreds of other 3000 & 300’s, we haven’t had any noticeable stability issues.

after 2 years battle to get the f300 ptp running i finally drop the ball. Replace all unit with ptp 550 and now it’s work. P.S Cambium don’t become Ubiquiti plz…

it solves a reboot issue on some f300. :innocent:

Put it on three sites : 3kL and two 1000’s
Have a mix of F180, F200 and F300-25’s and one old 5G- integrated still in use.
Been on 4.5.5 for 52 hrs now and no issues so far.
Havent had to reboot the 3kL yet to recover STAs (major issue that was driving us and our clients nuts!)

Time will tell.

I did notice that the seen satellites is a lot less that before but that could be a good thing.

still the issues whit 4.5.5 gps lost i have some mix Sm f130 -f190 and the AP lost the signal GPs and customers call me at night time since i upgrade this


Do you have an external GPS puck connected to E3KL?
Thank you.

Yes i have external Puck the version on gps wad update to AXN_5.1.1.8513 and lost the gps sync , you need some time inactivate the gps to work , but all time happen , could be work 8 hrs and come back down


I would appreciate it if you could send the Tech Support File from the EKL to me please.

Thank you.

hi fedor could you explain about this file request , or only a file whit explain what is goin on , the most estrange is only happen on night time of if is raining , example now all gps is tracking


Tech Support file contains debug information collected since the last reboot that helps engineering team to understand the issue and what is going on in every particular case. As it was mentioned before, there was the bug in 4.5.4 FW related to GPS sync on E3KL and it was fixed in 4.5.5.
So we’d like to take a look into the Tech Support File downloaded from your E3KL radio.

Thank you.
Thank you.

i ready send you the email

FW 4.5.5 is NOT stable FW. Same issues present in this FW for E3K (all of SM’s kick off from AP for no reason). Support ticket still open

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Any development? I am seriously going to lose my customer base, this has been an issue for me since February… I have lost customers to competition.


What’s the issue you’re experiencing?