Just wondering if anyone is experiencing any odd occurrences using It is 11:30pm my time and I had my own SM and a few others drop 15db for about 10-15 minutes. Do not believe this is ducting/thermal fade… bit to late for that. Thanks!

you can get thermal ducting/fade at any time depending on weather factors. IE warm overcast will shift ducting events later.

but no I dont think 10-15mins would be ducting either. I do think that on certain radios (mostly f200 that I see, but also epmp1000csm/lites) that the radio seems to have an issue where some of the operating processes hang and the OS has to restart them. This leads to odd metrics being collected since the process has to gather itself again. is reasonably stable but there are some issues that I think we (the community) are just seeing now that we have had it in the wild long enough but are still trying to quantify so that it makes sense.

Appreciate your reply, I will continue to monitor everything and report anything that comes up. Cheers!

Last month we upgraded our APs and SMs to version, and we have encounter an issue with some of the SMs, the uplink MCS sometimes equal to N/A.

Version 4.7.1-RC13 has corrected all the known issues which had.
So, if you want to be on 4.7 then you should upgrade to 4.7.1-RC13 (or you should downgrade to 4.6.2)