ePMP 400c PTP issue

We are testing ePMP 400c PTP units in the field and have ran into an odd issue.
A direct PPPoE connection off the POE yields the expected speeds.

If we add a consumer wireless router (netgear, linksys, belkin), and use the router for PPPoE our download tanks but upload remains normal when plugged into the routers LAN side.

If we use just the WIFI on the router, instead of the LAN, the speeds are stable as expected.

If we take the 400c PTP out of service and switch to older ePMP gear or licensed equipment all is fine.

We have tested all Cambium firmwares and get the same result.


Have shared a private built for your testing to your mail.
Pls test and let us know the result please.

For the moment, in lab testing shows this new firmware to have corrected the issue.

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Thanks for your feedback. We shall include this fix in 5.2.x official release asap.

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