ePMP 4500 and QOS

Hi all, just curious to some of the strategies used to traffic shape SMs with the lack of QOS?

Depending on how you manage accounting and auth probably Radius.

Edit: Cambium would probably prefer you use their QoE solution for a measly $1,200’ish a year per gigabit of bandwidth.

It’s easy to handle if you have QoE solution.


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Yes I am definitely not interested in QoE, not impressed with that whole setup as you have also stated. I am “young” in the WISP game and I went from Ubiquiti that allowed bandwidth shaping in the SM to epmp 3000 and 450 platforms that also have SM and AP traffic shaping/QOS features. If this is something that is going to be abandoned in future cambium products for a paid service then that will definitely shape our decisions in who we buy product from.

Eventually, e4k will support the QoS and MIR controls that you’ve come to appreciate in the previous ePMP lines… no need to buy a dedicated QoE service. That being said, there are advantages to having a seperate box control MIR and provide QoE features.