ePMP 4525 - Cannot manage IP via Wireless?

I have setup a simple test PtMP link with an 4525 setup as a SM and another as an AP running WLR mode.

AP is in Bridge mode connected to a router at the AP side. SM is configured in NAT with the wireless setup to get an IP via DHCP.

The SM is getting an IP just fine from the router connected to the AP. It can ping the AP’s IP address, but I cannot open the GUI in a web browser. I can do it with a laptop connected to the router.

On the AP under Network I have Management Access set to Ethernet and Wireless. SM Traffic Isolation is off.

What I am missing to allow AP GUI access from behind the SM?

From behind the AP I can reach the SM fine on it’s management IP. It is just from behind the SM it seems the AP is blocking access on the managment IP of the AP.

After more testing it seems I have to have DPI enabled on the AP for GUI access from behind the SM. I assume this it not normal behaviour?

As soon as I disable DPI in the AP I lose GUI/SSH access from behind the SM. It does not matter what I have setup under Management Access on the AP. It only matters on if I have DPI enabled or not.

Before anything else - you are running 5.4.1-RC10 correct?

Yes I am running 5.4.1rc10

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