ePMP 5 ghz / extremely short range nLOS use

We provide Free WiFi to a number of hotel/condos using our WISP network (currently UBNT but on the fence about switching).  

A number of these properties are owner-occcupied units, and the unit owners wants individual internet so they can connect a router with wireless printers, etc.  The cable company happily obliges by installing cable modems and selling internet directly and currently charges $70 a month for their unbundled package (since the "included cable" with the condo isn't included as part of your "bundle").  

I was thinking about using a TwistPort 90 degree antenna with EPMP 5ghz APs on the outside and providing the residents who want private internet with a Force 180 unit with a small window or interior wall mount.  We only need to add an extra AP in order to provide this service  (wiring is already run, just need to add a POE siwtch or use an ethernet passthrough and VLAN separate the networks)

I'm wondering if a EPMP AP on the outside in 5ghz could penetrate a few concrete block walls/windows to a Force 180 on the inside the building at a distance of 150-200 feet away from the AP max.  


It should work with that distance but you may get some inconsistant throughput depending on how strong the signal would be.

I would think you would have better luck with a 2.4ghz, they are much better for NLOS installs.  They just penetrate better, but then again you give up a little on the throughput.

What kind of speeds will you be offering?

we've actually abused the 5ghz epmp a lot NLOS.   it does supprisingly well.   

for giggles i've done with this with ubnt M gear as well, and it registers, gets the same power, but a few meg compared to epmps almost 200. 

this unit is all outdoor, but a 2 story home is directly in the path as well as some trees.   and its very short.   the home is wood construction. brick will resist a lot more, but as you can see, the power isn't exacty up :) 

we have also done these links NLOS in trees a little further to help our 2.4 load, it obvously can't go far, but as long as you've got the RSSI these guys will rock.   

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