Epmp AC

I was wondering if epmp AC is in the works?
What about epmp 900mhz or 3.65ghz?

802.11ac is on on our roadmap.

As for the 900MHz and 3.65GHz versions of ePMP radios, we are evaluating these, but they are not on the roadmap at this time.

That’s exciting. Any sort of timeframe you would be willing to share.
The current equipment is working so well and each firmware release really seems to add some nice enhancements. Tell the team to keep up the good work.

Would love to see 900mhz and 3.65ghz epmp range.
Trouble is will Cambium Networks just release another generic wifi clone like Ubiquiti did, or will they actually invent something new and a game changer like the old 900mhz Canopy gear was.
All I see from Cambium Networks these days is just playing “catch up” to competitor manufacturers.

I would like to know the roadmap of EPMP and timing for 802.11ac. Regards

test123 if you don’t want to purchase something based on 802.11 then cambium has just what you are looking for, the PMP series.
Not sure where you get the idea cambium is playing catch up, they have about the only reliable system utilizing 256 qam and gps sync on the market with the highest bit/hz ratio out there. They even have gps sync working with 802.11, I don’t think anyone else has that. I remember Ubiquiti trying but we all know how that worked out.
Also, when they say they are going to release something they release it. They don’t lead you on for months and years like we know who.

Chris If I was a shareholder, I would be pushing for innovation + market domination like the good old Canopy days…