ePMP ACS - more control

I'd really like to have more control over the ACS feature on the ePMP radios.

Particularly, I'd like to be able to bar channels, and it'd be really useful if we could weight the decision in some fashion.

Specifically, I find it obnoxious that ACS will (in my own experience, nearly) 100% of the time choose a DFS frequency since the noise floor is so enticingly low.  Meanwhile, the corresponding transmit power is so much lower than at - say - 5795, that I see a net loss dBm-wise, and a definite reduction in the end-user experience when the sector (or BH master) spends a couple minutes listening before talking on the DFS channels.



I hear ya. Its been on our list for a while. Just keeps getting pushed down the list by other items :(



Maybe a simpler initial take on it would be to weight the ACS based on the max transmit power permitted on each channel given the locale.

So the DFS freqs with a 13dB max transmit power would only be chosen over a non-DFS freq with 23dB max transmit power if the DFS was more than 10-12dB 'better'.  (or looked at another way, put a 10-12dB 'finger' on the scale for 5730-5845 and a 7-9dB 'finger' on the scale for 5170-5250 - based on US-FCC power limits)


I think just simply being able to block out individual channels or swaths of channels would be helpful.

What Eric suggests here is something we will do to begin with. Then follow it up with a little more intelligence to automate it.