ePMP and Playstation NAT


I have a serious trouble with some of my customers that are addicted to online gaming.

They have Playstation 4.

I have the ePMP in NAT MODE.

I had enabled upnp, nat pmp and data port forwarding, and they worked fine with upnp.

After a recent upgrade on the ps4 OS, they disabled upnp.

I have set the PS4 as a static ip and then I created a DMZ on the epmp.

It doesnt work.

If I use DMZ, do I need to leave enabled upnp, nat pmp and data port forwarding?

thank you

the DMZ has to face the Play station for it to help.  

as far as i know, the PSN still uses UPNP, we've got hundreads of PSN subs and no flooding complaints of sudden nat issues. 

if you've got DMZ on, and UPNP enabled, that maybe causing a problem.  if the customer has a router between your CPE and thier playstation, you'll need to setup a DMZ to face thier router, or disable nat in your CPE.  (disabling nat is best)


we use  1-1 nat from our central router to our CPE.

our CPE use RFC6568 ip ranges. they have nat 1-1 from the core.

as default, the CPE with upnp work, and the CPE is doing nat+dhcp for the internal lan. We give them a wifi AP.

in the last days, moderate NAT ! we dont understand why.

I disabled UPNP and enabled DMZ on the static lan ip of the PS4.

still moderate nat. I dont know what to do

has your 1:1 pool possibly exhausted and some of your addresses are being recycled?  

we give a public IP directly to our customers and the nat hasn't changed for one of our employees at home, so I'd think its something simple being over looked... that being said PSN can be a real pickle to deal with too.  


the nat 1-1 is working fine, using www.myip.dk I correctly see from the customer, the public IP.

We have several PSN users on both PS3 and PS4 and have never had an issue regarding connectivity issues on our equipment.  However we use PPPoE with AAA to provide control, accounting and accountability on our system. This tends to move the percieved network from our access edge to our exchange edge making our network apear to not exists to most of our clients.

We have seen issues with clients using a wifi router in defaul config placed in between our SM and their PS device. Since we do not normally allow a bridged connections and we dont present a public ip to our clients at this time, all of our SM's are set to NAT to a RFC1918 address. The problem is that most of these wifi routers are nat'ing again and they get confused since they know that RFC1918 addresses are not forwardable. We simly have our clients plug in directly where possible or help them set their wifi router to AP only mode. This differs per wifi router, but most simply have a soft-switch that makes all the changes. We really like the Asus RT-N12 series due to how easy they are to switch to AP mode and how affordable they are for our end clients.